Alex Meyer’s New Delivery

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Looking for a starting rotation spot with the Angels, young righty Alex Meyer has sped up his windup in an effort to ease the stress on his arm. Opening his shoulder too quickly has been a problem for Meyer, and has contributed to his injuries as a prospect.

You can even see in the featured image above that his throwing shoulder is dragging like he’s trying to throw a sand bag.

Below is a report on Meyer’s status in the Angels’ system. And as you watch, notice his delivery and how awkward and lanky it is. Seems like everything is going in different directions.


Now watch Meyer’s new delivery in his latest outing…


Much more compact, and he finishes in better fielding position. The changes are subtle, but overall it’s a much more well-balanced delivery. Hopefully this will really help Meyer land a rotation spot on either Opening Day or sometime during the 2017 season.