Andrew Bailey Didn’t Know He Was a Free Agent!

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Eight years after making his Major League debut, reliever Andrew Bailey went into the offseason expecting another arbitration. The former World Champion with the 2013 Red Sox had signed a minor league deal with the Angels last August, and was ending his run of 43 2/3 strong innings in the club’s merry-go-round of a bullpen. And right at the end of September, the right-hander had finally fulfilled his six years of service time by three days.

So how does a player not know he’s a free agent? Well, turns out that missing all of the 2014 season due to reconstructive shoulder surgery, and a slow return back stretched out Bailey’s service time. And with that, he “never seriously considered leaving” the Halos in free agency this winter.

Now Bailey has a new one-year deal in Anaheim, and is in the hunt for the team’s closer role in 2017. I guess players really don’t pay attention to that stuff and just focus on the game after all.