Angels 2017 Projections at FanGraphs

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Angels fans, and baseball fans in general, have been skeptical of the club’s ability to compete in 2017. That’s mostly based on losing 88 games in 2015, and having a thin, however slightly improved farm system. Still, with more money than most organizations to fill holes with productive talent without going crazy on another huge contract, the Halos are looking better and better on paper.

FanGraphs actually has them projected for a tie with the Mariners for the first Wild Card spot. The record still doesn’t look great. But that’s what the Wild Card era has provided Major League Baseball. More parity, and a much better chance to sneak in like the 2006 Cardinals.

The Angels can do that just as much as any other ball club in the Wild Card hunt. If you’re still hanging onto 2016, full team projections for the Angels at FanGraphs can also be found here. They are updated daily, so if this sparks your interest, keep checking back on their site.

Especially since the Angels are still set to make more moves.