Angels Insiders: Lincecum, Lincecum, and More Lincecum

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The time has come! Tim Linceum is an Angel and he will be inserted into the starting rotation on Saturday against the Oakland A’s. We’ve been waiting a couple months for this to happen.

Although Timmy is about a week late making his debut, he’s definitely ready. After a shaky outing in which he gave up four earned runs in five innings, birthday boy (yes, he just turned 32 on Thursday) pitched seven innings of one-hit ball in his final start for the Salt Lake Bees!

If the former multiple Cy Young Award winner can give the Halos at least an ERA in high 3.00’s, we at LA Angels Insider will be happy. Not only that, this could be a great opportunity to get a revived frontline starting pitcher back into the rotation.

Because although it could be too late for this season, this could serve as an audition for an extension to help regroup for 2017, a big trade for prospects at the trade deadline, or a bigger contract with another team this offseason. Who knows? But as of right now, this is exciting!

Here’s more on the arrival of The Freak!

    • There’s a lot of love to go around for Tim Lincecum. Angels fans are as excited as they’ve been in a long time. Here’s the founder of announcing his trip to Oakland!

    • Look what we found! It’s video footage of Tim’s showcase!
    • And here’s some footage of Tim pitching for the Salt Lake Bees against the Fresno Grizzlies!
    • Here’s Timmy’s first interview as an Angel!


  • And here’s a couple of special little Father’s Day clips from Angels Weekly!


We will be adding more videos as we find them! GO ANGELS!