Angels Insiders: Pujols’ Surgery, Escobar, Simmons

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This is the fourth surgery Albert has undergone in his five years with the Angels. Yet only one has resulted in significant time missed during any of those seasons. That was in 2013, when his plantar fasciitis finally caught up to him, and the tendon in his left foot tore during a game in Oakland. This time, he’s had the procedure done on his right foot so he will be pain free when running again.

Pujols had shock wave therapy on his foot early in the offseason, thinking he wouldn’t need surgery. That turned out to be false. Some have even argued that he should’ve just had the surgery instead of waiting. But, as with Garrett Richards, if one can seek an alternative method, and make it a success, thus avoiding said surgery, then by all means. Many of us would do the same.

But had he completed the therapy, and still needed the procedure, Albert would’ve missed the entire first half of 2017. So as Pujols’ pain worsened despite the treatment, the decision was made to avoid that possibility.

Things being as they are, the recovery timetable is four months. Whether that includes Spring Training is up in the air. As of right now, he’d be back some time in April. But that was the story last season when he had a small surgery done on his toe. Knowing Albert, he’ll probably be ready to go. And he may be more mobile than he was when he was running the bases feeling needles were sticking up from the ground.


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