Angels Insiders: Trout, Lincecum, Lohse, Braun, Wilson, Smith, Green, and a Partridge In a Pear Tree

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2016 © Angels Baseball LP. All Rights Reserved

2016 © Angels Baseball LP. All Rights Reserved

As we enter the week, the Angels are 13-18 and have an important series ahead of them that will determine their pace for the next month or so. Will they sweep the Cardinals and bounce back to 16-18? Will they take two out of three and settle for 15-19? Will they lose two out of three and end up 14-20? Or will they get swept and find themselves at 13-21? Times are really tough and with four starting pitchers on the disabled list, what should we even expect from our Halos? It could become a lost season that even a top farm system could really remedy at this point. The club could sell, and it could even buy for next season in the process. There are questions and rumors floating around. And the biggest of all is the debate going around about whether or not the Angels should trade Mike Trout!

UPDATE, May 13: The Texas Rangers signed Kyle Lohse to a minor league deal.

  • This poll was posted yesterday and has caused mass hysteria among Angels fans, as well as a horde of comments from fans around MLB. It really is quite amusing because many of the comments are about how crappy the Angels’ organization is and that they won’t be good for a long time with Mike Trout and no farm system. Well… Considering that it would basically take a whole farm to acquire Mike Trout, wouldn’t the acquiring team then become the organization with Mike Trout and no farm system? Hmm…
  • Most of the comments by non-Angels fans are really about said fans foaming at the mouth from the fantastical (delusional) idea that Mike Trout could come to their team. And there’s a lot of jealousy.
  • The Angels would be stupid to trade Mike Trout. He’s that player you bring up to build around. Duh…

  • The Angels are in fact one of the teams showing early interest in taking part in the young right-hander’s return to the Majors. The former Cy Young winner’s showcase went really well, as he topped 91 miles per hour on the radar gun in a 40-pitch session.
  • The D’Backs, Giants, and White Sox are among the other teams taking an early look at signing the former Cy Young winner. The Angels probably have the biggest need, but those other clubs have glaring rotation needs as well. Turns out Matt Cain and Zack Greinke aren’t exactly pitching like Matt Cain and Zack Greinke…
  • There’s a good chance it will be a minor league contract, as Timmy didn’t have a spring training. But I wouldn’t be surprised if the Angels went all out and gave him a split one-year deal.

  • So after three years, the Angels are finally showing Lohse interest. Yeah, remember that offseason they signed Josh Hamilton? So many were saying the Angels needed to sign Lohse to anchor their rotation. Buster Olney practically lobbied for them to do it on his podcast. The Halos turned the other way because it would’ve cost them another draft pick. I think they should’ve done it any way. Could’ve saved a lot of anguish during that disaster of a 2013 season. Now, the Halos are finally after his services.
  • Lohse did have a miserable season in 2015, going 5-13 with a 5.85 ERA. But that came after a four year period with a 3.28 ERA / 3.80 FIP / 1.143 WHIP with the Brewers. Perhaps it was just a down year. But being 37, it may not have been. Regardless, the Angels have to take what they can get in terms of veteran services to plug into a depleted rotation that has seen it’s depth chart dissolve from eight to four in just two months.
  • And we must not forget that the Angels also have Kyle Kendrick at AAA Salt Lake, where the righty has a 5.79 ERA in 18 innings over three starts at this point. That may be one reason for kicking the tires on Lincecum and Lohse. However, Kendrick does have a 1.232 WHIP, which suggests his ERA is deceiving. Plus, factor in pitching 4,000 feet above sea level. We may yet see Kendrick in the rotation sometime in the next couple months.

  • These rumors are still floating around, making some wonder if the Angels are really in on this. The big question is what the Halos can offer. Keep in mind that Braun has baggage related to PED use. This could factor into what teams are willing to offer the Brewers for him. One could make the argument that it would require taking on another club’s less expensive dead weight and not exactly top rated prospects. With that in mind, it makes more sense why the Angels are frequently mentioned in the Ryan Braun trade speculation.

  • Is this really good news? We’d like to hope so, and considering the injuries to the rotation we don’t have much choice. However, CJ did say that he was open to the idea of coming back as a reliever. The Halos could use the length. Or the club could even use him as a set-up man or closer if Joe Smith continues to struggle, or is traded as some have begun speculating. Huston Street is on the DL, and what if he’s dealt after he returns? This could turn out to be an interesting back up plan if the lefty is still considering returning as a reliever instead of a starter. Time will tell.

  • Speaking of Smith, he’s the first Angel being talked about in possible unloading of veteran talent for prospects. It remains to be seen whether the Angels will be sellers or not, but as of right now it looks like that’s the direction the club is heading. Smith would likely be a definite candidate as he is in his walk year and could command a decent return from a contender.

  • The Angels lost another prospect recently as their second round draft pick from 2013 announced his retirement from the game. The young lefty dealt with several injuries and just couldn’t get himself back on track. The organization has been trying to talk Green out of it, but no success thus far.


And there you have it, Angels fans! That one took a lot out of me.