Angels v.s. Rockies , Tulo Trouty

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As the Angels sit at 15 wins and 17 losses many are starting to wonder if they will hit stride or is this what we expect from the Angels.  The Angels rank low in many of the top offensive categories, 23rd in runs scored, 28th in on base percentage, 28th in batting average and 28th in slugging percentage.  So maybe the Colorado Rockies are just what the Angels needed to come into Anaheim….. At least that’s what history tells us.

Let’s take a look back, it started back in 1997 the year baseball decided to give the thumbs up on this interleague thing.  Believe it or not Ladies and Gentleman the winning pitcher that night is currently a member of the Angels organization, the man that moves and shakes things up, the winning pitcher that night was Jerry Dipoto in a 11-7 Rockies victory.  Aside from that fun little fact the Angels vs Rockies head to head confrontations have been very one sided with the Angels holding a 20 -8 record over the Rockies.

However more than 30 games into the 2015 season both teams hold very mediocre records, Angels at 15-17 and Rockies 11-17.  So if you are a “what have you done for me lately” kind of person, well you are simply hoping that the Angels can summon “Jobu” (Major League, Pedro Cerrano reference) and maybe wake up the bats.   Are we in for a snooze fest of a series? Well let’s look at the combatants.  Hailing from Millville New Jersey Mike Trout!!!!! And in the other corner from Long Beach State Troy Tulowitzki!!!! (okay corny I know)   But let’s take a moment to look at the obvious Tulo and Trouty on the same field, pretty awesome.  Trout and Tulowitzki are not the only ones to keep an eye on in these next 2 games, DJ LeMahieu is batting a ridiculous .348 needless to say the kid is raking! and let’s not forget Kole Calhoun who has been a rock at the top of the Angels lineup batting at a .294 clip.  Mediocre records aside, these next two games should be interesting, whether you are looking forward to the Tulo Trouty confrontation, or whether you are waiting for the Angels offense to wake up, let’s look forward to expanding that head to head record to 22-8!

-John Magdalenotrouty tulo1