April 25, 1993: Red Sox vs. Angels

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The young Angels were red hot going into the final game of a three game series at the Big A on ESPN Sunday Night Baseball against the Boston Red Sox on April 25, 1993. They had won five in a row, and were scoring over six runs per game. They were off to their best start in their history. Then, they ran into Roger Clemens.

But did they let that scare them?

This team may have lost 91 games that season, but they were definitely showing a preview of what the Halos were capable of later in the 1990’s. And it was also the beginning of a core of players that eventually won the World Series as decade later.

Funny thing is that J.T. Snow is a center piece going into this game, and was in that Fall Classic in ’02, just on the other side. But Tim Salmon took over in this contest, as he would for many years with the Angels…

Oh, and by the way. There’s a book out that explains the 1993 Angels as the one team with the highest win difference between the actual players on the roster and the original players that were traded away prior to that season.

You’ll know that that means when you click the link below…

Now enjoy a really good game!