According to CBS Sportsline's Scott Miller (@ScottMCBS), Angels' first baseman Albert Pujols was unhappy hitting coach Mickey Hatcher spoke about a pre-game meeting the Angels held yesterday. 

"Mickey should have never told you guys that" Pujols said "That stuff should stay private" he continued. 

So what terrible secrets did Mickey Hatcher share with the media? That Pujols told his teammates he would not struggle all season and that teams who get off to poor starts can turn it around.


Hatcher paints the struggling newcomer Pujols as a team leader trying to motivate his teammates. What a terrible person. 

Be it the stress of his contract, adjusting to new pitchers and the dreaded Marine Layer or just plain not being comfortable without his family around him. Albert was out of line. 

When you are the face of the franchise and you get upset that a coach has broken clubhouse protocol by speaking to the press the one thing you should not do is speak the press about it. Pot meet kettle. 

Frankly, Pujols should be thanking his stars he signed with the Angels. While the fans and media are rightly concerned about Pujols' and the Angels start, he is getting off lightly. Yankee or Red Sox fans would be burning #5 jerseys and calling talk radio non-stop about how Pujols ruined a franchise. 

The Angels and Pujols will be fine. However from now on Pujols should keep quiet and carry a big stick.