The day has finally come! Mike Trout has signed his extension with the Angels!

Alden Gonzalez on was the first to make the report. Then, reports began pouring in. Soon afterward, the club officially announced the agreement. 

The terms: six years, $144.5MM.

The contract includes a full no-trade clause. And since Trout already signed a one year contract for 2014, worth $1 million dollars, his extension will start in 2015. Buying out three years of free agency, the extension covers Trout through his age-28 season.

In case you're wondering, Buster Posey still holds the record for the largest extension for a player with between two and three years of major league playing time. Posey is in the middle of an eight-year, $159 million dollar contract that he signed in 2013.

There are no options attached. So Trout will enter the free agent market at age 29, when he could easily land a Miguel Cabrera-size (or bigger) contract.

There's a chance the Halos may exceed the luxury tax threshold in 2015. But owner Arte Moreno has said he will go over the tax for the right player. From the looks of it, Arte himself has made that player Mike Trout.

This extension could also give Arte serious leverage in stadium negotiations. Talks with the City of Anaheim have been difficult, but this may just get a deal done.

This is an historic day in Angels' history. This is possibly the most important move the organization has ever made. This extension is a heck of a bargain for the Angels, and a very favorable contract for Trout. And Trout's deal carving an expensive team core in stone, the Angels can focus more on building around that core with depth, as well focus more on rebuilding their farm system.

Having the best player in the game, the Angels are in a great position to return to the long-term success they had from 2002 through 2009, and then some.