I don't know if your wife is like mine, but if she is correct I am the world's worst procrastinator. Now as I am sure it was through no fault of my own, my 2012 season predictions were not included with the rest of the bunch! I noticed it today and decided that you needed to see that I may very well be able to get hired as a fortune teller based on how accurate my predictions look so far. You may think it no fair to post my predictions with the benefit of seeing how the season has went so far but I can assure you that I am copying and pasting my original predictions from March 30th, I promise! So with no further tension filled waiting I am going to paste these highly anticipated results!


Here you go!  

  AL West - Ångels
  AL Central - Detroit
  AL East - NY
  AL WC 1 - Texas
  AL WC 2 - Boston
  AL WC Winner - Texas

  NL West - Giants
  NL Central - Cubs
  NL East - Phillies
  NL WC 1 - Arizona
  NL WC 2 - Miami
  NL WC Winner - Miami

WORLD SERIES - Wishful thinking but I am going with Angels vs. Phillies and Angels win! Great pitching matchup but Angels hitting outdoes Phillies hitting.

  NL CY YOUNG: Cliff Lee
  AL Batting Champ: Ichiro
  NL Batting Champ: Matt Kemp
  AL HR King: Pujols
  NL HR King: Matt Kemp
  AL ROY: Matt Moore
  NL ROY: Gerrit Cole


That's what I had that day! You gotta know this is legit when you see that I had Matt Moore picked as the A.L. rookie of the year! Didn't realize this was going to be the year of the Trout...

So let's see if we can get this sweep of the Rangers tomorrow and get closer to that lead in the West!