Baseball is a game of the unknown, a game that sees something new happen almost every day, it seems like. With that said, there are a few things we can always count on. Mike Trout doing Mike Trout things, “Build Me Up Buttercup” being the worst thing on earth and lastly, the Red Sox ruining absolutely everything, including chowder and socks on the feet of people everywhere. Today is a day where nothing has changed.

Trout went 1-3 with a run scored in the Halos’ 6-1 victory over the Houston Astros. Buttercup made lots of children and small creatures sad, of course. Lastly, there’s John Farrell, Boston’s manager and 2014 All-Star Game manager for the American League. My sources tell me he looked at the possible selections he could make for his roster and in response, vomited on it and turned it in. This is an All-Star game where not only did Chris Sale not make it, Jose Altuve isn’t starting, Erick Aybar didn’t get selected and much more but not only that, Garrett Richards didn’t make it either.

In what could only be called “home cooking”, Richards wasn’t selected although his statistics, advanced and simple, seem to say that he should have been a “shoo-in”. This can’t be too big of a surprise seeing as how the All-Star Game is typically selected, where most fans would vote for a block of velveeta cheese if it played for their team but when it comes to a manager, you probably shouldn’t pick some of your own guys if, you know, your team is ten games below .500 at 39-49. Even more than that, maybe you shouldn’t pick someone who isn’t as deserving as someone else, if that other guy is on a team that is 51-36, fifteen games over .500 and you know, has better statistics overall.

This could and hopefully will turn into a moot point since Richards was selected to the Final Vote but it shouldn’t have to be like this. Even though I’ll be voting for Richards like crazy, you have Chris Sale in there as well and what does it say when those two are having to fight for votes over Jon Lester? It says that there’s something in the fried chicken in Boston. I am led to believe that it is crack or crazy pills or an abnormally high and brain level affecting amount of MSG. Honestly, I’d go a little crazy if I had to pretend Sam Adams is a legitimate beer as well so I suppose this all sort of makes sense.

When you look at the simplest of statistics, the ones that Farrell would view in a pop-up book, Richards has very obviously gotten slighted. Take the win-loss record statistic, for example. Richards’ record is 10-2 and although I’m not a fan of taking much out of the amount of wins and losses you have, let’s take a look at how it compares to the other pitchers who were selected to the team, starting with Lester.

Jon Lester: 9-7 / Mark Buehrle: 10-6 / Yu Darvish: 8-4 / Felix Hernandez: 10-2 / Scott Kazmir: 10-3 / Max Scherzer: 10-3 / David Price: 7-7 / Masahiro Tanaka: 12-3

So out of all of the pitchers who don’t have to go through the Final Vote, Richards has a better W/L record than six of the eight selected. That’s weird. Let’s take a look at the ERA, where Richards has a 2.71 ERA.

Lester: 2.73 / Buehrle: 2.60 / Darvish: 2.63 / Hernandez: 2.11 / Kazmir: 2.53 / Scherzer:  3.47 / Price: 3.50 / Tanaka: 2.27

Even with some great pitchers being included, Richards still has a better ERA than three of the included eight. Not too bad but nothing that really catches the eye, except perhaps Price’s ERA. Next up is WHIP (Walks + Hits + Innings Pitched), my personal favorite statistic. Richards’ WHIP is 1.07 and here’s how it compares.

Lester: 1.15 / Buehrle: 1.24 / Darvish: 1.19 / Hernandez: 0.89 / Kazmir: 1.01 / Scherzer:  1.19 / Price: 1.08 / Tanaka: 0.97

The statistics don’t lie, Richards is better at keeping people off the bases than over half of the selected players, five in total. How about the opposing batters’ averages against him, where his is currently at .194?

Lester: 2.39 / Buehrle: 2.56 / Darvish: 2.22 / Hernandez: 1.98 / Kazmir: 2.10 / Scherzer: 2.40 / Price: 2.43 / Tanaka: 2.21

That’s right, Garrett Richards is shutting down batters more consistently than every single starting pitcher selected to the team and usually, by a very large margin. In some cases, it isn’t even close.

Really, we all shouldn’t be surprised by this happening as that’s the All-Star Game. These kinds of things happen but where it is extremely moronic of Farrell to do this is when you simply just look at the records of the teams. The Angels are a team that’s challenging the Oakland Athletics for the AL West lead while the Boston Red Sox are the worst team in their entire division, by record and honestly, by talent. The only worse teams by record in the American League are as follows.

Texas Rangers: 38-50

Houston Astros: 36-54

That’s it. Really, there are only TWO teams that have a worse record than the Boston Red Sox in the entire American League while if you look at the record for the Angels, it seems to show that maybe, just maybe, you might want to include their ace. Here are the teams that have a better record than the Halos in all of baseball, let’s not even disallow the National League.

Oakland Athletics: 55-33

How awkward, Mr. Farrell. Yet, the only player they had selected was the obvious one, Mike Trout. At the very least, Erick Aybar and Richards should have joined Trout and it’s not a matter of splitting hairs here, they absolutely deserved the honor, one hundred percent. It is a travesty that they weren’t selected and I hereby challenge John Farrell to a duel, white glove included.

Thankfully, Richards can still make the All-Star game through the Final Vote. Please text A4 to 89269 and/or visit to vote, where I will be voting constantly and throwing things at people who do not. Do your part, get your guy in the game and John Farrell, whacha gonna do when Halosmania runs wild over you, brother?