Since Father’s Day is virtually upon us I thought a column for dad’s was necessary. Being a Dad is an important job and one that I do not take lightly. One of the coolest parts of being a Dad is creating a bond with your kids and one great way is through sports. In the past few months I’ve had the privilege of coaching my son’s Pony league baseball team and now I’m assisting on the all-star team that he was chosen for. As you may have read before I live in Texas and had the joy of naming our team the Angels, had many perks in my opinion!

Anyways, for Father’s day I got to pick my gift and I picked a sweet old school A with the angel wings logo cap. I found this hat while we were on vacation in Colorado last week. Part of our vacation was getting to catch a Halo’s game at Coors Field in Colorado where I also tweeted live updates. It was a blast let me tell you! Of course anytime you go to a game and Torii Hunter hits two homeruns and the Angels win 7-2 it’s a fun time. Other cool events at the game was getting to see Kendrys Morales during his first action at 1st Base since his accident as well as seeing Pujols at 3rd for the first time as an Angel. Both did well at their positions and we won the game so it was great.

One thing I enjoyed as well was meeting many Angels fans at the game. You’ve got to remember that the last time the Angels played a game in Colorado; Troy Percival actually saved one of them! So it’s been a while! Living in Texas doesn’t get you many chances for face to face conversation with real Angels fans and let me tell you, Angels fans were out in unison that night! I met one couple that lives in Anaheim, season ticket holders that flew in for the series. I hate to say I can’t remember the guy’s name but the girl was a blond named Nancy. They were really nice to talk to. I was a little bummed that I was only getting to go to one game. Angel games for me in Texas just aren’t as enjoyable because the lots of the fans are jerky misplaced Cowboys fans that have turned their arrogance that they usually have for the Cowboys to the Rangers. Dealing with them isn’t what I consider a joy (the phrase one strike away twice doesn’t go over well), not to mention that the Angels don’t seem to win much when I’m in attendance so I try not to be there to cause them any bad luck.

As I said I was a little bummed to only get to go to one game, you see, this was a family vacation that I was on so I can’t make it all about baseball. My wife, she just isn’t a big baseball fan. She loves to watch my son play but when it comes to pro teams she just hasn’t been that into it. She grew up in Louisiana where they didn’t have a pro sports team to root for and if you know much about the south, they are way more focused on football in schools, so anyways….

The last time we went to a game in Colorado we sat out in centerfield right in the sun and it was unusually hot so this year I made sure to get tickets where there would be some shade. That was great for us as it helped lighten her spirits immediately as she was expecting that heat again. She’s also been trying to cheer for the Angels some this year so when Torii hit that first bomb (and if you watched you know I’m not just saying bomb, because that first shot was a BOMB!) she was cheering for the Angels! That’s big news around here! The second homerun he hit she cheered big again, I was like SWEET! When we left the game she said the game wasn’t nearly as bad as I expected which was good because I want her to enjoy the game and ultimately root for my Angels!

So to make a short story long, we got home from Colorado yesterday and have been at an all-star tournament for my son most of the day, we got home and I turned on the game to watch Ervin Santana pitch his one-hit masterpiece and during the game my wife says “so how many runs ahead are we?”

Did you catch that? “How many runs ahead are WE?” When she said that I said, “How many runs ahead are WE?” I think I just might be seeing a little glimpse of progress here! My son is helping out here as he loves the Angels as well…

So back to Father’s day really quick, one thing that is also great about being a father is bonding over sports with your child. Bonding over teams that you like, getting to know players together and have conversations about them and spending time together at games or watching games on the old TV. Of course even better than that is going out for a game of catch, or if we’ve got an extra guy, a game of hot box… Anybody remember hot box?! I really enjoy playing catch with my son and trying to help him learn the game of baseball and sharing stories about it as well. Baseball is the perfect sport for Dad’s and kids…

Happy Father’s Day to all of you Dads out there! 

I took this picture during the first inning of the June 8th game in Colorado... I call it the Pujols Crouch.