Welp, we've come to the end my friends. This is it. No I'm not talking about the Mayans. That's not til December. The MLB Fan Cave Top 50 voting is nearing it's end. I can smell the odd odors of farts, booze, and lounging from New York. 30 lucky finalist will be voted into a spot in Arizona where a massive baseball battle royale will take place. Before I get into the debauchery that will happen in the Cactus League, there's just a few things I want to say to whoever reads this.

Thank you. Thank you for quite possibly the greatest two weeks of being able to annoying you with Facebook links, Tweets, and well, harassment sans jail. The past two weeks have been quite a trip. Going from finding out on my birthday that I made Top 50 to practically befriending a ton of Finalists and non finalists, has been extremely rewarding. The first thing that popped in my head after nabbing a spot in Top 50 was "Holy crap, now what do I do?". So, I got off my toilet seat from tweeting, listened to some ABBA, and got to work. I made ridiculous shirts with my face on them, filmed an endorsement video with HOF Tony Gwynn and superstar pitcher Stephen Strasburg, and probably tweeted more times in my life then times I've spoken to a girl (she's gonna call right?!?!). Heck, I was even able to write an article for the Big League Stew blog on Yahoo Sports about my top 10 reasons of being an Angels fan. Don't think that would have ever happened without the position Major League Baseball has put me in.

With all the being said/done, this isn't the end of my annoying rants about the MLB Fan Cave. Tomorrow, or today if you're reading this, is the last day to go vote. There is still a huge chance that I won't make it to Arizona or even New York, which is why I'm pretty much pleading to you to go to that site and vote. Making it to New York would be a dream come true and would finally get me to move out of my parents home. I'm 26 with no college degree and still living at home. That doesn't really scream winner to the ladies.

Right now, you have the opportunity to get me to the next stage of this competition. That stage is Arizona where 30 finalists will take part in a "boot camp" of sorts (hopefully physical challenges/video challenges since every other contestant can kill me in trivia). I'd finally get the chance to meet my fiercest rivals like Ben Christensen (the rad dude with MLB tattoos), Travis Miller (T.Swift aficionado), Lindsay Guentzel and Kelsey Shea (who I will now label the baseball babes along with the other girls in the competition). From there, MLB will pick a minimum of 6 baseball fans to go to New York and have the opportunity to watch every baseball game while meeting MLB players, Celebrities, and Musicians. Now, I'm no big city lawyer or anything, but that to me sounds like the best life ever.

So once again, thank you. It means a lot to me that a bunch of my closest friends and random strangers have banded together to keep me in the running and staying somewhat relevant to all these other cool finalists. To the Top 50 finalists who might read this, you all rule. I can't explain how hilarious it has been getting to know every one of you and if for some reason I lose this thing, I couldn't be more stoked to have lost to a better group of people. Although I'm winning this thing. I think. I don't know. Am I? You guys didn't record my dance moves from the Tiny Chat parties did you? That would probably cost me some votes.

Be sure to head to MLBFanCave.com and vote for me! Help me stop mooching over my parents! Cheers and here's to the new season! BASEBALL'S BACK!! 

You're still here? The article is over. Log off this site. Go to MLBFanCave.com and vote. GO! CHIKA CHIKAAAAA