Holy crap. This is all surreal. Is this real life? Did MLB choose me as one of the nine to be the new cave dwellers in the MLB Fan Cave? The answer to everything is...yes. When I first applied for this gig, I didn't know where it would go. I figured "Meh, I'll take a shot to the jewels and go from there". Once I made Top 50 I figured "Meh, I'll take a shot to the jewels from Oakland A's Bruce Billings and go from there.". Top 30 rolled around and I said "WHOA, I HAVE TO TAKE ANOTHER SHOT TO THE JEWELS?!?!". Finally, today.

 Today they announced that I would be flying out to New York to live the dream job and watch 2,430 games (Pending I don't get voted off) while interviewing MLB Players, Celebs, and some talented musicians. I know, it's a little ridiculous. There is absolutely no way I would be in this position I am in now if I didn't have such an amazing support group. Without all your votes, retweets, shares on Facebook, t-shirt making, etc; I would not be lucky enough to score this gig. So, without further ado (OR IS IT ADIEU?!?!?!), I just wanted to take this time to thank a few people in my life. In no particular order

San Diego St. Baseball, Eric Valenzuela, Tony Gwynn, Stephen Strasburg, Tony Gwynn Jr., Bruce Billings, Erik Castro 

Eric, without you offering to help, there would be no ridiculous video with coach Gwynn, Stras, and the rest of the guys. I can not thank you enough for letting me have the opportunity to make a fool out of myself during their workouts. The SDSU tryout video was the highly of this whole contest and definitely raised the bar with the rest of the Fan Cave family. You are hands down the coolest cousin ever in the history of cousins. Seriously, I read a book about cousin and there are a few that killed family. NOT COOL.

Tony Gwynn, OHHHHHHHH MYYYYYYYY GODDDDDDD. You seriously suprised the hell out of me with your carefree, wity, and off the cuff personality. You nailed the video even though it was practically just two men (well, you being more of a man than me. Me being immature ha) having a good time and chatting it up. I wish you all the best and I know you said you wouldn't go out to New York but that has to change now. Right? You're "Ricardo's Face on the Shirt" is being sent in the mail

Strasburg, You let me call you a chump and laughed about it. Obviously you are on your way to being the most dominate pitchers in the game and you just dominated the video. Thanks so much for being such a good sport about the whole thing and I look forward to some future Cave visits when you roll into town. By the way, WHY ARE YOU NOT FOLLOWING ME ON TWITTER!? Feel free to block me.

Angels Family

I could not be more thrilled to have the best set of baseball fans backing me up through this whole ordeal. Through countless beggings of RTs, hours spent clicking vote, and well making me laugh the whole way, I couldn't have done this without you. I know people give us West Coasters flack for not being as passionate as other teams, but I think if they took the time to raise their heads once their favorite batter was struck out by Weaver then they would see that the Angels have quite possibly one of the best fan support system in the majors. Angels Family definitely hold the "Fan Strong" mantra to the highest regard.

My Close Friends

Where do I start? Mike, Dave, Jerry, Tommy, Manny, Jody, Mark *looks at text messages* man I have a ton of friends. I can't thank you enough for putting up with me and keeping me grounded. Thousand thanks to Tommy and Mark for letting me borrow laptops since I've been laptop-less since December. It's gonna suck not being able to go to games, hang out at Throwbacks, and beat you guys in every video game but I'm sure we'll make it through. Or, you can just fly out to New York.  

My Family

Well, I guess all the laying around home finally paid off! Although, I'd probably be better off if I actually stopped being lazy and finished school. Look at that, once I actually applied myself it got me somewhere! Now Danielle can finally have her own room! How exciting.

Mom and Dad, I just want you to know that I know it's been rough seeing me day in and day out mooching off you. I'm sure it has been extremely embarrasing to make up something interesting when friends would ask "So where did your son graduate from and where is he working now?" FINALLY you actually do have something interesting to say! "Our son is in New York watching every single baseball game this season!". I know it's far from my "attempt" at becoming a radiologist, but I guess thanks to a whole lot of luck that my writing and personality has gotten me somewhere. I have no clue what's going to happen after the Cave, but I can tell you I'm going to enjoy every moment of this just like you two wanted me to. Who would have thought the son without the college degree would be doing something so cool? REMEMBER KIDS STAY IN SCHOOL AND FINISH THINGS THROUGH


I guess in a way I had you down last as a reason. Seriously, you guys are a huge part of my family now. My mom always asks about Travis and Kelsey and the rest of you. "Oh that Dan Sharp fellow is pretty cute" WHAT ABOUT ME MOM!? AM I CUTER THAN DAN!? If it wasn't for our nightly Tiny Chat Dance Parties, I probably would have thrown my computer or punch a wall. Probably none of that. I'm not an aggressive guy. I probably would have listened to a lot of Taylor Swift and cried. Anyways, whether you made Top 50, Top 30, or your name is Mapes and Abby, I can't explain how stoked I am to have you all in my life. It's a bummer to not have you guys in the Cave with the rest of us, but I just want you to know that I will never forget any of you and you ALWAYS have a  chubby friend waiting for you to hang in Southern California. Words can not express how much you all truly mean to me.

Now, I head to New York in couple weeks. I don't know what's going to happen nor do I know what will go down. All I know is that I have the opportunity to show MLB that us Angels fans are the top in class. I really hope I make the organization proud and this will definitely not be the last you have heard from me. Stay Weird, Party, and above all else...POSI-VIBES!