A lot of people who clicked this link are loyal readers of LaAngelsInsider.com.  I wrote here how much I thank you for reading, and how much, and I think I speak on behalf of the entire staff; we have appreciated your support. 

However, the problem with being one of my loyal readers is that I’ve subjected your brain to a lot of nonsense.  I’m speaking primarily in regards to me poisoning your eyes/brains/ears/souls with song parodies.  Being completely undeterred by your probable lack of interest in these parodies, I’ve returned with another one. 

2 Chainz, Kendrick Lamar, A$AP Rocky, and Drake released a charming record in 2013 called “Fu#%in Problems.”  This song is unmistakable.  Between the incredibly suggestive lyrics and the 193729873298732987 curse words repeated throughout the song, this is a song you don’t want to listen to in the following situations:

                1) at church

                2) on the way to church

                3) on the way home from church

                4) at work

                5) within earshot of any kid in the entire world

                6) pretty much any place where you can be judged

That was my disclaimer, this is the original song.  DON’T LISTEN TO IT AT WORK.  DON’T LISTEN TO IT IN FRONT OF YOUR KIDS. That was my second disclaimer. 

Anyway, I thought a song parody would be an interesting way to introduce the writers you will be reading this year, and what this website is all about.  I picked this song to parody because deep down there’s a bad bitch in each and every one of us.  Enjoy.


**Note: if, for some reason, this song gets shared 100 times through Twitter and Facebook, I promise I will try my best to get the rest of the Insiders together and make a music video.  Who doesn’t want to see me writhing on the floor in booty shorts?**



I love da Angels, got a blogging problem

And yea I like to blog, got a blogging problem

I love da Angels, got a blogging problem

And yea I like to blog, got a blogging problem

I love da Angels, got a blogging problem

And yea I like to blog, got a blogging problem

If reading something real has been a constant problem

Find the Insider, and maybe we can solve it


Verse 1; A$AP Rocky

Words up, we got our grammar down

Paragraphs are long, information all around.

Making our blog top since the winter of 09

Oh Mikey Hllywa with that Two Guys pod yuhhhh huh

KLAP, yea that’s me

Never met another blogger as corny

All these other bloggers want to joke on me

But their jokes always fold like origami

We got the Breedlove, the Doctor Breedlove and his big hugs

Diggin deepuh, and talkin sabuh, Breedlove’s a teachuh

And Eric Denton, almighty Denton, gettin bent up as the editor

He likes em edited, we let him edit em

They say writin make a blogga act bloggerish

But at least we have bloggin niche

Check out all our pods when you are feelin bored

Matty J on the mic is somethin’ you’ll enjoy, READ





I know you love it when Brennan is on

Make you think about the all plays you were angered on

Make you call the station and let all your feelings known

Got a trade you think’ll work he’ll politely listen on, you’re heard

Ain’t heard of Scotty? Who you sleepin on?

Read about all of the prospects before they’re traded and gone

Ain’t a good site without some females on,

And Meredith Matthews is among the best of em

She ju---

She justs drops down and gets her writin on

We got Joe, Jim and MJ to fill the void now that Ricardo’s gone

And this is all a cast you can read without repercussion

Our site will get bigger there will be no reduction

If it’s coming from these bloggas then you know you can trust it

If anotha blog come at us, them off our shoulders we be dustin

Forward, when all the others blogs begin floppin

La Angels Insider will continue blog droppin like BEASTS




Yeah oh this the finale

We all root for the best team in Cali

Lost Torii to the hood but then they added Josh Hammy now

Stole him from the Rangers and they brought him back to Cali

Good luck with the lineup, all-world kinda lineup

Trout, AP, Josh, Trumbo all exist,

And then you got Kendrick!

Who can all hit it far

AKA hit the damn ball out the yard

That means your pitchers need be up to par

You can’t tamper with standards us fans set them too far

Killin all the fastballs that be comin their way

They don’t get involved let you listen to what their bats say

Rally monkey, rallys for ya

Bloggin back, bloggin to ya BEAST