It seems like at every corner, someone, somewhere isn't giving Mike Trout his due respect.  Before he was drafted, he was basically afterthought coming out of New Jersey in a draft where the only thing you heard about was the great Stephen Strasburg.  Going through the minors it was thought he lacked the necessary power to be the top prospect he so clearly was.  To start 2012 he was in AAA, hitting .400 while the Angels gave at bats to Vernon Wells and Bobby Abreu.  Once he was promoted it was the Bryce Harper show, also starring Mike Trout.  Now that he's blown every Rookie out of the water his numbers demand MVP consideration.  Yet article after article are now surfacing claiming this race belongs to Miguel Cabrera.  Umm what?  Even when Trout does get some MVP love from Yahoo, scroll down to the comments and you'll read that Trout is a fluke and that he ranks behind the likes of Cabrera, Hamilton and Cano in terms of voting.  

Really guys, really?  I'm failing to understand how this race is even close.  Trout is hitting .346/.409, Cabrera is hitting .326/.386.  Both are great, but is it not clear the first set is considerably better than the second?  Trout has logged 21 doubles, 5 triples and 20 HR's in 88 games.  Cabrera has 29 doubles and 29 HR in 110 games.  If Trout had played in 100 games so far, he'd have 26 DB 6 triples and 25 HR's.  Ok, give Cabrera a VERY SLIGHT edge in that department.  But how many SB does Cabrera have? That's right 4.  How many does Trout have? 36.  What if Trout had played the same amount of games as Cabrera?  45 stolen bases.  Edge Trout.  How about their defensive contributions?  Cabrera's UZR is -5.0.  That's right, NEGATIVE FIVE.  Trout's?  7.8

So if Trout had played the same amount of games as Cabrera, we'd be comapring two players.  Player A: .346/.409 26 DB 6 triples 25 HR 45 SB and Gold Glove defense.  Player B: .326/.386 29 DB 0 triples 29 HR 4 SB and absolutely terrible defense.  So just to be completely clear, there's a player in baseball that's hitting 20 points lower than Trout, with an OBP 20 points lower, with 30 less stolen bases, almost identical relative power numbers that's a terrible defensive player and he's being considered "competition" for the MVP race?  Does anyone else fail to see the logic here?

Miguel Cabrera, you're a fantastic ball player.  One of the best of this generation.  A sure-fire Hall of Famer if you ask me, meaning you're one of the best of all time.  But with all due respect, in an MVP contest with Mike Trout in 2012, you don't measure up, not even close.  I know most of the Eastern United States is completely unaware of what goes on out West. We play ball after they go to bed.  But whether you see him or not, Mike Trout is considerably better than ANYONE playing in the that time zone.