Here we go, it's the battle of the home runs.

You get home runs!

I get home runs!

We all get home runs!

I'm Christian K. Breedlove & I'll be walking you through tonight's game between the Kansas City Royals and of course, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Keep this page in a tab, it'll be updated regularly. Let's go!


5:37 PM - So far, it's 1-0 Angels on the massive Mike Trout home run, continuing his current hot streak, which is basically his entire career. Joe Blanton has made the most of his pitches, keeping himself to only 14 pitches through three, with help from the double play at the end of the 2nd inning. Double cheeseburger, not included.

5:46 PM -  Something tells me this is what Jerry Dipoto expected to get from Blanton when he was signed in the offseason, other than the clubhouse running out of nachos. No hate on Blanton, nachos are fantastic, even more so when you can throw more cheese than consume it. Blanton is looking fantastic so far, three innings finished with only 29 pitches thrown. No strikeouts but also, only one hit and no walks. Solid outing so far.

5:51 PM -  Another home run for the Angels, that's two on the night now! This last one is by Albert Pujols, who may be turning it on to his old St. Louis days. It may just not be in the cards for the Royals tonight, the home runs are starting to fly. 2-0 Angels.

6:51 PM -  We're back here at LA Angels Insider and it's now a 3-2 game in favor of the Angels. Ervin Santana has continued his Home Run giving ways (what a kind man!) with another homer for Chris Iannetta. The Royals aren't going down without a fight though, as they've plated two runs, thanks to RBI by Alex Gordon and Mike Moustakas. Both Santana and Blanton are still in the game and the pitch count for each is 90 to 86, thanks to the bit of trouble that Blanton got into, that led to the two runs.

6:58 PM - Sean Burnett takes over now with runners on the corners with one out, due to two singles by the Royals. Miguel Tejada is now in to pinch hit for Moustakas. Hopefully, we won't see the former AL MVP Tejada here, which would be extremely lucky for Kansas City.

7:03 PM - Burnett saves the day with a timely double play, effectively ending the night for Blanton and his statistics. What do you know, the Angels may win this thing and Blanton is currently in line for a.. wait for it, a win. Who knew it was possible?

7:08 PM - Evidently, there was a horrible situation now in Kansas City as at Kauffman Stadium, a 14 year old girl's heart stopped and a nurse in the stands gave her CPR to get a pulse running again. Little information is known but for now, all I know is that she had a pulse when she was taken by an ambulance. Scary, very scary stuff. Here's to hoping she's okay.

7:13 PM - In less stressing news as we still have a game going on, the Angels are now up 5-2 on a massive home run by Mark Trumbo, a specially made Trumbomb. Adding to that, Trout also got a stolen base at 2nd before he was knocked in. This may end up being a victory although with the bullpen Anaheim has, this may just be the beginning.

7:18 PM - Santana finishes his night with 7.2 innings pitched, 8 hits allowed, 5 earned runs allowed, no walks and 8 strikeouts. The home run bowl was sweet while it lasted. Oh, the memories, how sweet they will be.

7:22 PM - 5'7 Tim Collins is now in to pitch for Kansas City. Fun fact, i'm exactly an entire foot taller than him. That really doesn't matter though, he could probably just throw a fastball at my face and that would get rid of the height difference. Oh well.

7:25 PM - We've got a fan running across the field, doing his thing. That security guard is never going to live that down. That guy is my hero, he's just living the american dream. I say we all just run onto the field and have a picnic or something.

7:30 PM - Scott Downs is now in with Chris Getz on first with two outs for the Royals. Strike that, now there's two runners on, first & second with a walk to Alex Gordon. This is looking very bad although there are two outs. Fingers crossed.

7:34 PM - Downs has nothing positive to give tonight as he's taken out with Garrett Richards now in. Bottom of the 8th, runners at 1st & 2nd, 5-2 Angels. Let's see what happens.

7:37 PM - Well would you look at that, Richards saves the day and we now head to the top of the 9th innings with the Angels leading 5-2. Louis Coleman is now in to pitch for Kansas City, where they look to limit the damage heading into the home half.

7:42 PM - Chris Iannetta never stops drawing walks, does he?

7:47 PM - Bottom of the 9th in Kansas City, Royals need three runs to tie and four to win it. Ernesto Frieri is coming in for the rare save opportunity, what with how the Angels have performed so far this season, save the last four games. Eric Hosmer goes down on strike so that's one out, two to go for Frieri.

7:55 PM - Royals plate a run with a RBI single by Salvador Perez, which brings Lorenzo Cain home. Angels are now only up two runs in the bottom of the 9th with the tying run on first.

8:01 PM - Frieri is pooping in the metaphorical bed right now as he just gave up another run, this time to the powerhouse known as George Kottaras. Oh wow. 5-4 Angels, two outs, bottom of the 9th.

8:06 PM - Ernesto Frieri's night is done but thankfully, the Angels still have the lead but one out still to go, hopefully. Runners on first and second, thanks to the Chris Getz walk. Robert Coello is now in to pitch, which may be the right move or.. a white flag from Anaheim.

8:09 PM -  Whew, thank goodness, the Angels win in what turned into a mindlessly stressful game late, with Frieri's antics, serving up 2 unneeded runs. Robert Coello comes in and finishes it off for Anaheim and that's now five games in a row for the Angels in the win column. Pretty impressive but there's still a lot of ground to gain.

8:13 PM -  It's been fun folks, until next time and remember, light that halo up!