His moonshots are quickly becoming the stuff of legend.  His teammates and opponents alike marvel at the sheer power in his swing.  Other power hitters can pull from their entire stock of strength and put it all into one swing, and it still wouldn't rival the charge his smooth stroke puts into the ball.  You hear it all the time, "The ball just makes a different sound coming off his bat".  If chicks do indeed dig the long ball, he is James Bond, Brad Pitt and The Rock all rolled into one.  Mark Trumbo is a homerun hitting monster given unto the fans by the Baseball Heavens for the sheer enjoyment of watching a baseball fly further into the sky than ever before.  In short, Mark Trumbo was made for the Homerun Derby.

His only worthy opponent plays on the opposite coast.  He has the same height and similar build to Mark and shares the same strength.  They were birthed of the same baseball producing machine that is Southern California.  What he's doing at age 22 compares to the all time greats in this game.  When people talk about the most powerful bats in baseball, they always say "With the exception of Giancarlo Stanton".  Because after all, Giancarlo IS the exception.  Mark Trumbo is the most powerful homerun hitter on the planet, WITH THE EXCEPTION, of Giancarlo Stanton.  He is the great equalizer.    

The only logical conclusion that we as fans can make is that these two MUST compete against one another in the Homerun Derby the day before the All-star Game.  They deserve it, the fans deserve it, and Major League Baseball deserves it and owes it to itself to make such a dream match happen.  Forget about balancing the scales and watching the traditional David versus Goliath matchup.  This is Goliath versus Goliath.  The unstoppable force versus the immoveable object.  This is the Homerun Derby of all Homerun Derbies.  Not since McGwire, Sosa, Griffey Jr and Bonds has there been this much power in Major League Baseball.

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