It is no secret that the Angels have not gotten off to the hottest start offensively. While most fans are frustrated they were not able to get a cell phone picture of Albert Pujols' first homerun he has not been the problem.

The issue is the lead off position and to a lesser degree the on base percentage of Howie Kendrick in the second spot. Erick Aybar has been dismal to start the season. Aybar has never been a particularly patient hitter and after two seasons plus of experimenting it should be time to keep Aybar lower in the order. With his speed and surprising power, Aybar is better suited for the 7th or 8th position where he can become a potent RBI producer.

While most of the concern has been over outfielders Vernon Wells and Bobby Abreu, the player who is really struggling is centerfielder Peter Bourjos. The standout defender is batting just .200 with an alarming 11 strikeouts to just 1 base on ball. 

This is where Trout comes in. 

To say Mike is off to a hot start is an understatement. As the lead off hitter and centerfielder for the Salt Lake Bees, Trout has put up an incredible slash line of .400/.463/.600 with 11 steals. He is also posting a respectable 15 K's to 9 BB ratio. 

There is nothing worse for a young player than being worried about being sent down. It is pretty clear that after a decent start to the year Bourjos is just 3 for his last 23 may need to clear his head.

Los Angeles did not break the bank this offseason with a mission of breaking in young players comfortably. Mike Scioscia needs players who can play well now. Their goal is to win a World Series in 2012.