The potential answer to many Halo fans wishes has arrived.  Steven Geltz has finally received that long awaited call sending him from the minor leagues to Anaheim.  While it’s no secret the Angels bullpen has been in shambles for the better part of a month, not many fans were able to see any end in sight.  The Angels don’t have a ton of relief pitching depth, with the exception of Geltz of course.

Steven owns a career 3.51 career ERA across four and a half seasons on minor league ball.  Perhaps what gets Halo fans most excited about this kid is his mouth-waters 12.1 K/9 mark in his career.  Geltz is a strike out pitcher no doubt about that.  His fastball generally sits between 92-94 mph with him occasionally dialing it up to 97.  He has a hard, sharp breaking slider with a lot of late break on it and from time to time will use a splitter as a change up. 

At only 5’10, Geltz won’t rely on a lot of downhill movement like many other pitchers.  What you see is what you get, and what you get is a set of pitcher that aren’t entirely easy to hit, as evidenced by his prolific strike out numbers.  The only time Geltz really runs into trouble is when he misses high, giving batters the opportunity to put the ball in the air.  Throwing as hard as Geltz does, he supplies much of the power, so his career HR numbers don’t look great.  Undoubtedly, there will be an adjustment period for Steven once the league gets accustomed to him.  However, if Geltz can keep the ball down and throw his off speed pitches for strikes, he can turn into a lethal middle inning reliever.

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