To those of you who have read these blogs since I came on board here, I appreciate it.  I really do.  Mostly from my introductory “Angels Should Trade Jered Weaver” article, you have withstood some less than sound logic spewing from my sausage link like fingers.  You’ve read about my nephew, my peculiar infatuation with a certain Colombian songstress, a few awful song parodies of my own, and everything that has contributed to me being nominated as this website’s “Resident Weird.”  You don’t have to read my blogs, but you do.  For this, I thank you.  And I thank you an unimaginable amount of times.  But I’m asking for your help one more time.

                Inspired by LaAngelsInsider’s very own Ricardo Marquez in 2012, I have decided to throw my hat into the MLB FanCave in 2013.  I want to make one thing clear: I am not Ricardo Marquez.  Ricardo is a personality freak of nature.  The Mike Trout of personalities.  This is what catapulted him to the finish the season in the Cave, and he deserves every ounce of success he earns from his time there.  He veni-vidi-vici’d that Fan Cave in 2012.

                The Top 50 for the FanCave is announced sometime tomorrow, and should myself, or fellow applicant Matthew James (@MattyJay27) be selected as one of the lucky 50, I implore you to support us in our quest to keep an Angel fan in the Cave.  Share our videos.  Tweet them, Facebook them, show them to your friends, loop them on the display televisions if you work at a Best Buy.  Whatever you can do, please help us.  Vote for us if and when the time comes.  I think I speak for Matthew when I say that each vote will be thoroughly appreciated, should we advance that far.

                I know I usually write quirky blogs with elaborate comparisons and dumb jokes, but I want to be very clear and sincere with this one: thank you.  Thank you for what you have done so far, and thank you for what you will do for us in the future.  It’s amazing that baseball can connect such a giant community of people, and  I’m glad to have been connected to this unique pocket of Angels fans, and proud to be a member of this Angels Family.

                With that said, here is my video submission for the MLB FanCave 2013.