Beware a string of disappointing Angels losses. Such trials have been known to drive even the most grounded and level headed of fans among us a bit batty. So in the case of an Angels fan blogger, not always known for being grounded…well…see for yourself:


*     *     *     *     *


It’s a bright summer day in August. The Southern California sky is clear and blue as the sun climbs toward its afternoon peak and the temperature begins the inevitable progression from pleasantly warm to sweltering. Jerry Dipoto is bringing his prized red convertible back to the mechanic. The car is a classic beauty. Restored with a seemingly perfect blend of vintage parts and newer, modern innovations and lovingly maintained, by all rights it should drive like a dream. Yet, Jerry finds himself inconvenienced by poor performance yet again.

“Bringing the Angels back in so soon?” asked the mechanic “I told you I wouldn’t have that Scott Downs part of yours repaired for another week or so yet.”

“Don’t remind me,” Jerry said, rolling his eyes. “It’s torture driving without that part.”

“Not having any problems with that Aybar joint we just fixed are you?”

“No, no. Actually that part’s good as new. It’s just that lately I can’t seem figure this car out. I mean in the last few months we’ve tuned up the engine three times, fixed or replaced most of the gears and made at least a dozen other repairs but some days - heck all together too many days - she’s still driving like an old clunker.” Jerry finished with a bitter sounding chuckle. “Heck, if I could just somehow keep her in the Weaver gear every day…”

The mechanic laughed and shook his head. “Every car owner wishes they could just leave her in a gear like your Weaver. If wishes…”

“Yeah, I know. It doesn’t work like that. But the rest of the gears are wonky, plain and simple. Some days they get it done, most days they’re all over the place.”

“Even that replacement gear we just ordered in from Milwaukee?”

“Nah, that one should work out okay but it’s a lot more temperamental than I thought it would be while we’re breaking it in. But some days, even with all the engine work we’ve done, this car just has no horsepower. I mean none. And then every time I switch to the bullpen gear…” Jerry gave an exaggerated shudder.

“Now you know that bullpen gear is never going to work right until we get your Downs back in. Driving like this puts too much pressure on your Frieri, not to mention now you’re relying on other parts we both know were never meant to carry the whole thing for any length of time.”

The frustration and concern began to show on Jerry’s face as the mechanic opened up the Angels hood.

“Now, now I doubt it’s worth making that face,” the mechanic chuckled. “Let’s just have a look see. Poke around a little. I’m sure there’s an adjustment I can make here or there just to get the old girl running more reliably until those parts come in…"


*     *     *     *     *


A few evenings ago, I made the comment on Twitter that the 2012 Angels were frustrating like maintaining an old car – the moment you fix one issue, another issue crops up and generally brings along a friend. Upon further contemplation of this comparison, however? Oh if only it were just that simple.

This is absolutely not me throwing in the towel, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t frustrated…