As I’m sure most of us Halos fans have seen, the beginning of this 2013 season has been a disaster, eerily similar to how most of the 2012 felt. The team is not one to break old habits quickly, it seems and the Angels have found themselves down more than a couple of runs early in every game, setting themselves up for continual failure, as evidenced by the squad’s 3-8 record. With it being impossibly early in the season, it’s a small sample size of a season but could it actually be a sign of things to come?

Fortunately, the odds are that the team will still be in the thick of it come playoff time. The Angels weren’t this bad in the beginning of last season but every fan was “freaking out” and at the end of the season, the Halos were still in playoff contention until the very end. One new development that gives me hope for the season is Albert Pujols’ walk off hit last night, not only due to the fact that it gave the team a much needed win but as fellow writer Kevin Lappin spoke about, this team has a signature moment now, one that may give what the team has really been lacking. What is their one glaring weakness, you say?


Now, I’m not going to say that a gain in team chemistry is going to solve everything, we still have Kevin Jepsen (although he is on the 15 Day DL, currently) and Joe Blanton on the roster, after all. It would help the Angels tremendously though, to gain some chemistry and band together. As it stands, this is a team that was basically thrown together, Pujols, Hamilton and CJ Wilson joining the team thanks to all the money that ownership now has. It took over a year for Albert Pujols to get his first truly memorable moment as an Anaheim Angel but he has it now, doubling off a walk off victory last night. Yes, it was against the Houston Astros but when you think about it, what better team for Pujols to make a moment of, I know I still remember that monster home run he hit against Brad Lidge and Houston as a member of the St. Louis Cardinals in the playoffs, many years ago.

It’s 2013 and the Angels are no longer the homegrown gritty darling of the American League, we are essentially the Yankees of today, just with less stress on the medical team. The team is going to have to gel and last night was probably the start of that happening, which will bring a lot of victories, much needed ones, in fact. Something for all fans to take solace in is that Pujols isn’t having the same type of April as he had in 2012, one that put the team in a major hole last season. If Pujols was simply average during that first month of 2012, the Angels would most likely have been a playoff team and would’ve won the American League West.

Once Josh Hamilton and Mike Trout “get it going”, it might not matter who is pitching, even with the loss of Jered Weaver, seeing as they are all-world offensive players and in Trout’s case, defensive. Halo fans, I know how painful the season has been so far, I feel the pain of every loss and I know, it hurts. Remember though, we love our team and you know what, good times are on the horizon. Until then, I dream of halos being lit up, days and perhaps weeks at a time.