Chicks dig the long ball. Guys dig the long ball. Babies dig the long ball. My cousin’s beagle digs the long ball. I think you get the point. Nothing is more fun to watch then a high arching, squarely hit baseball disappear into a sea of fans. Earl Weaver used to refer to the three-run homerun as the best play in baseball, and he was right.

Every week I am going to bring the three longest tape measure home runs (per ESPN hittracker), and you can enjoy along with me the ultimate display of power in all of baseball.

Three Angels hit home runs this week, the longest of which was Howie Kendrick’s off of Mat Latos which traveled a true distance of 420 ft. No doubt, he crushed it, but it didn’t crack the top ten for the week, let alone the top three.

3.) Mark Reynolds – 4/3/13 – True distance: 457 ft. – Pitcher: Sergio Santos

The opening series in Toronto had a quite a bit of power on display, and even had an internet meme get some face time. Reynolds’ 11th inning blast gave the Indians the lead and reaffirmed that he can, in fact, hit the ever living snot out of a baseball.





2.) J.P. Arencibia – 4/4/13 – True distance: 460 ft. – Pitcher: Brett Myers

One day later, Blue Jays catcher J.P. Arencibia let the Indians know that these inhabitants of the great white north could swing the lumber just as well. Watch as he lifts, separates, and nearly takes out a Budweiser sign in the process.


1.) Justin Upton – 4/1/13 – True distance: 460 ft. – Pitcher: Cole Hamels

Why is this number one over Arencibia’s? Context. Upton was brought in by Frank Wren to do what he does well, and that is launch baseball’s into orbit. On opening day in Atlanta, he did just that and created a little breathing room for the Braves en route to an opening day victory over the visiting Phillies.