This week, the podcast turns 10, and in the immortal words of Bartholomew Simpson, it is old enough to take out the trash.

     Kevin and I suckered our first guest, MJ Lloyd, into coming back onto the show (It's amazing, the things you can accomplish with a rag drenched in ether). Kevin, MJ and myself then proceed to laugh at Vernon Wells' "Mike Napoli-ing the Angels" comment, discuss the Steven Geltz trade and challenge ourselves in the stat segment with Defensive Runs Saved (DRS).

     You can follow each of us on twitter. Kevin is at @kevinlappin, I am at @mike_hllywa and MJ is at @MnkysThrwngDrts. Links provided, because spelling MJ's twitter handle from memory is impossible. You can also drop us a line at whythehellnotpodcastlaai(at)gmail(dot)com, because reading email questions is teh awesomez.