In what has been the most eventful offseason, probably in Angels history, Anaheim begins to try and figure out which players will fill out the roster spots for them. They have a problem though, they possibly have too much depth… A great “problem” to have!

The Angels have a returning outfield of Vernon Wells, Peter Bourjos and Torii Hunter. They’ve also got Bobby Abreu, Mark Trumbo and Mike Trout who are all in line to get some time in the outfield this year as well but there are a few things that must be taken into consideration here.

Mark Trumbo- Trumbo played 1st base last year but with the addition of a guy named Albert he is for the most part without a position to play full time. Another thing that must be taken into consideration about Trumbo is Kendrys Morales… If Kendrys was to miss the season again then Trumbo is probably going to split a lot of time between 3rd, DH and 1st base with Pujols, but let’s assume that Kendrys is healthy enough to play. If so then you’ve got to figure that he is going to take a majority of the at bats at DH, especially to start the season. He may ease his way into some playing time at first to give Pujols some time off, or you could give Morales a day off with Trumbo at first and Pujols at DH but from the info available so far there is going to be a logjam of depth on this team. The “problem” with having Kendrys healthy is that there is pretty much no time at first for Trumbo.

Trumbo could end up jack of all trades this season, possibly spending time at 3rd base, 1st base, DH and even some outfield. This probably hinges on how he does at 3rd though. If he excels at 3rd, which most Angels fans are dying for, then he can probably just lay claim to that position but if he struggles look for him to be all over the place.

Bobby Abreu- I’m sure you’ve all heard about Abreu’s play me or trade me declaration and with a quick look you can kind of see why he feels that way if he truly wants to play. Abreu spent plenty of time in right field in 2010 when Torii Hunter was still holding down center field and the Halos had Juan Rivera in left but after the trade that brought over Vernon Wells to play in left, the emergence of Peter Bourjos in center and Hunter accepting left field to make room for Bourjos, Abreu was kind of left as the odd man out. At age 38, with the accomplished outfield and Trumbo possibly getting some time out there the chances of Abreu getting much time in the outfield don’t look good. Abreu got most of his at bats in 2011 at DH but with Morales, Trumbo and Pujols all possibly getting time at DH, that spot isn’t looking good for Abreu either.

Mike Trout- Trout is looking to win himself a spot on the opening day roster. In 2011, Mike Trout was 19 years old and playing in Double A when starting center fielder Peter Bourjos got hurt running the bases… Trout was called up to play in place of Bourjos and Angels fans were thrilled about it! Now while he was up he didn’t hit too well but showed some flashes and made many electric plays in the field. He was eventually sent back down and came back up in August and got limited playing time. He hit much better during the second call up but didn’t get enough time to really get settled in.

So if you consider all that, the way it appears right now is that Trumbo will be splitting time between 3rd, 1st, DH and some outfield while Abreu will be struggling to get any playing time at all but will probably be kept until either a can’t miss trade offer comes or Morales and Trumbo are totally cleared and healthy and he isn’t needed to possibly cover an outfield spot which leaves us with Mike Trout. Given the depth here it appears as if Trout is going to end up starting the year in AAA and will probably be called up at some point based on performance and/or injury on the team, and when that time comes I think we are going to see Trout blow up and make it difficult for him to ever be sent back down again.