I was listening to Adam Carolla's podcast the other day and they made a reference to the latest summer blockbuster, Superman - Man of Steel.  The movie review from Bald Bryan  finally solidified how I think about big market teams that under-perform... like this year's Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.  


There gets to be a point where a movie costs so much money to make that you MUST go see it.  You have to see the special effects or other new types of visuals.  Movies like Transformers 2, The Dark Knight Rises, Avatar and others ring a bell.  We were all hoping this year's Angels would be like Avatar, but they've ended up more like Waterworld.  
You see all these big names... Weaver, Pujols, Hamilton, Trout.  Something exciting has to happen in this game!  0-5.  Wow.  What a stinker. Can I get my money back?  Is there an alternate ending?  What happens if we wait until after the credits?  


While I hate to say that money buys wins, because that statistically isn't as true as you'd think.  However, money should at least buy some excitement and a decent team.  At 33-43 as of June 24th, the Angels' 142M payroll ONLY HAS 4 MORE WINS THAN THE HOUSTON ASTROS' 24M PAYROLL.  To say they are a disappointment is an understatement.  Buying an expensive seat to an iMax movie that sucks is like spending an entire afternoon going to an Angels game just to see them down by 3 in the 2nd.


The 2013 Angels are definitely the Waterworld of MLB teams this year.  Speaking of Kevin Costner, is he available to start next week? I think Billy Chapel could be a big boost in the #5 spot in the rotation...

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Joe Hewitt