I recently got a tweet from a spambot congratulating me on my two-year Twitversary. Apparently I’ve been wasting hours upon hours of my life on the social hangout for upwards of 730 days. While I don’t know that I’ve ever stuck with something – anything – for that long in my life, I don’t foresee myself ditching Twitter for Google+ anytime soon.

One of the best parts about Twitter is the crazy, dysfunctional group of people affectionately known as “Angels Family.” Before I started following Angels fans across the country on the world wide web, I didn’t understand the point of Twitter. Since then, I’ve made friendships that have changed my life immensely, for which I will be forever grateful. The Angels family is made up of people from all corners of the country who vary in age from middle school to AARP-eligible. We all pretty much have two things in common: we like beer and we like baseball. Aside from this, we’re all different in our approach to our fandom and our love of the game. This first-ever interactive blog will give you a little insight into the type of Angels fan you are. For each question, keep track of which letter best describes you. Whichever letter you identify with most frequently will explain your fanhood. READY?!


1.) Your favorite thing about the Angels is:

A.) No matter how much they struggle, they always seem to make a comeback.

B.) Their stellar 4-8 bullpen.

C.) One word: Trumboner.

D.) Clearly, without question, the answer is Albert Pujols.

E.) The glory, pennant-winnin’-days of 1979, 1982, 1986, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2008, and 2009. Oh, and obvi 2002.

F.) I knew as soon as they decided to #FreeMikeTrout all of our woes would be solved.


2.) When asked who your favorite player is, you respond:

A.) They each hold a special place in my heart. Although they can’t win ‘em all, they’re always a winner in my heart.

B.) That would require someone on our team to actually do something productive.

C.) Two words: Gorgeous Bourjos.

D.) Clearly, without question, the answer is Albert Pujols.

E.) Since he’s doing so well right now, Mark Trumbo gets my vote.

F.) It doesn’t matter because Sosh is just going to bench all the good players anyways.


3.) True or false: The Angels have the best outfield in the American League, if not all of baseball.

A.) Always have, always will.

B.) Yeah, maybe if they’d stop losing all those balls in the sun.

C.) If by “best” you mean “best looking,” then the answer is true.

D.) It really doesn’t matter because Albert Pujols is going to hit so many bombs this year that the other team’s offense has no chance.

E.) If we got the W, the answer is true. If they lost, the answer is false.

F.) If we keep Vernon Wells out of LF.


4.) Since the firing of long-time hitting coach, Mickey Hatcher, the Angels have been on a tear. Do you think Mickey was the problem in the Angels’ lackluster start?

A.) You know, sometimes things just don’t click, but I know Arte, Dipoto and Sosh know what’s best and will do everything they can to bring this team to victory.

B.) Clearly.


D.) If Pujols didn’t like him, I don’t like him.

E.) They lost last night. Let me know when that “tear” starts again.

F.) I could have trained those guys to hit better than Mickey Hatcher ever did.


5.) In recent years, Texas has become the Angels’ biggest division rival. Do you think the Halos have what it takes to #TakeBackTheWest?

A.) Oh, absolutely! There isn’t anything this team can’t do!

B.) Nope.

C.) That Adrian Beltre guy iiiiiis pretty cute, but he’s no Alberto Callaspo.

D.) Pujols > Hamilton.

E.) I used to watch the games, but once we started losing I took up a drug habit.

F.) If Sosh would stop benching all the good guys.


6.) The Rally Monkey is:

A.) Just so adorable! Believe in the power of the Rally Monkey!

B.) Almost as lame as “The Wave.”

C.) I’ll be Jerome Williams’ Rally Monkey any day ;)

D.) Pujols is the only “rally” this team needs.

E.) The true MVP of the 2002 World Series.

F.) If they would just get their offense going, there would be no need for a Rally Monkey.


7.) Last season, Erick Aybar attempted to get on base by bunting off of Justin Verlander during Verlander’s no-hit bid through eight innings. Verlander threw away the bunt attempt for an error and the Angels ultimately scored two runs. Many have called this move by Aybar “bush league.” You thought the bunt was:

A.) I was just so proud of the team for rallying! GO ANGELS!

B.) Would have been cooler if Aybar got on base with a hit and not an error.

C.) It was sexy as hell!

D.) Pujols would have hit a bomb off Verlander.

E.) I miss 2002.

F.) I called it. Knew it was going to happen.



Mostly A’s – Eternal Optimist: It doesn’t matter if the Angels have won 8 or lost 8 in a row – you have confidence that they’ll pull through. You know that the game isn’t over until 27 outs are recorded and you won’t quit watching a moment sooner. Sure, the other team is up by 10 runs, BUT STRANGER THINGS HAVE HAPPENED!

Mostly B’s – Negative Nancy: Nothing the Angels do will ever be *quite* good enough. A win is only good if it’s a blowout, and unless hitters 1-9 are hitting balls out of the park, work needs to be done.

Mostly C’s – Cleat Chaser: You know CJ Wilson is straight edge, but you also got a RT from him last night, so clearly he’s more interested in you than some silly lifestyle. You get to the games early to watch the players stretch (I’m admittedly guilty of this), and you were the first person to call Mike Napoli when his number was leaked on Twitter.

Mostly D’s – Bandwagoner: You didn’t know where Anaheim was prior to December. You bought a Pujols jersey the day they came out. You didn’t know the Angels won the World Series before taking this quiz. You have a Cardinals tattoo.

Mostly E’s – Fair Weather: You like the Angels in theory and you even “liked” them on FaceBook, but lost interest when the Angels dropped below .500. You tweet about how much you love this team after every win and tweet about how crappy they are after every win. You refer to the team as “us” when they’re winning and “them” when they’re losing.

Mostly F’s – Sideline Coach: You’ve got it all figured out. You know more than Moreno, Dipoto and Scioscia combined. You’ve crafted the perfect lineup and know exactly when to pinch hit. You play MLB The Show on the Wii on a daily basis and always win.


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