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The Offseason Manifesto 2016

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The Winter Meetings is the favorite time for a blogger: there’s tons of money flying around, lots of roster holes to be filled, and a seemingly limitless supply of ideas run through our nerdy little brains. We eat breakfast watching MLB Network (except Christopher Russo NEVER CHRISTOPHER RUSSO) and we fall asleep while scrolling down the Fangraphs leaderboard charts.  It’s… Read more »

Jered Weaver to Race Kite

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Riding into the 2015 season on an unbelievable six year streak of declining fastball velocity, Jered Weaver, 32, has done the unthinkable and extended the morbidly impressive streak to a lucky number seven.  Cruising at a cool 83 miles per hour, Weaver’s fastball wholly embodies that laid-back California attitude that the local boy from Northridge employs.   “Dude, it’ll get… Read more »