C.J. Cron Sent to AAA

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This season could be the last chance for C.J. Cron to cement himself as part of the core of the Angels. For the third straight year, the young slugger is off to a really slow start, and can’t stay healthy enough to play a full season.

Cron has pretty much split his 2017 playing time with Jefry Marte, who had a .609 OPS in 91 plate appearances when this move was made, while Cron was at .586 in 90 times in the batter’s box.

Granted, .609 isn’t very good either, but its more than what C.J. was providing. He’s is likely to stay at AAA Salt Lake for a while to get himself right.

Minor league journeyman utility player Nolan Fontana was called up to replace Cron on the 25-man roster. Fontana is simply filler at second base while Danny Espinosa is struggling.

Although that may also mean a trade is in the works.