Carlos Perez Has a Leg Kick!

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Fighting for the majority of playing time behind the plate with the Angels this season, catcher Carlos Perez has a new addition to his swing at the plate: a leg kick. Hampered by a career batting average over his first two seasons that is a bit below league average, and an on-base percentage that is struggling to get over .300, the young backstop decided it was time to try something new.

Below we have Carlos’ old hitting style that got him to the Big Leagues, but opposing teams caught up to rather quickly. Notice him feeling for the ball. Kendrys Morales had this same problem in his limited time with the Halos before his breakout in 2009. Perez looks a bit apprehensive…


And now we have Perez’s new leg kick. He basically starts timing the pitch as soon as the pitcher separates his hands to begin his motion toward the plate…


This is something that really helped Josh Donaldson, although his kick is almost a Michael Jackson impression. Vladimir Guerrero used to start his timing mechanism early as well. And of course, it also helped Kendrys Morales. Perez’s is somewhere in between Vladdy and Donaldson, and probably closer to Morales. Now we’ll have to see how the leg kick works when games count.

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