Doug Fister Opts Out of Angels Contract

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Mar 3, 2016; Clearwater, FL, USA; Houston Astros starting pitcher Doug Fister (58) throws a pitch in the second inning the spring training game against the Philadelphia Phillies at Bright House Field. Mandatory Credit: Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

Because he was lit up at AAA Salt Lake. He was fine in his first start, but it didn’t go so well in his last two starts. The righty ended up with a 4.02 ERA with 10 strikeouts and a 1.34 WHIP in 15 innings. That’s not very good when you’re a Major League starter pitching in the minors.

Angels General Manager Billy Eppler asked Fister if would stay for one more start, but Doug chose to opt out. Don’t know if that’s the wisest move on his part. There’s a reason he took so long to sign with a team, and perhaps this is just another case of a player holding onto his idea of what he should be instead of the player he currently is. Fister might do better for himself by selling himself as a long reliever. Or he should just retire.

Whatever the case, the Halos made the the right call in not purchasing his contract just for the sake of it. Fister will probably sign with another team, or claimed as he’s on release waivers. And the Angels will only have to pay him the pro-rated salary of $20,000 against the $100,000 Fister signed for to pitch in the minors.

Plus, with Alex Meyer improving, and Parker Bridwell showing some promise, the club actually has decent young controllable options they can tap into instead of relying on what looks like a situation that could’ve been Tim Lincecum 2.0.