Garrett Richards Likely Out Until August

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The Angels are without their ace for a second year in a row up to this point, and it looks like fans will have to wait until the summer to see Garrett Richards back on the mound again. The problem isn’t his torn UCL, which was repaired with stem-cell treatments in lieu of Tommy John Surgery. What’s bothering Garrett is his inability to regain the proper strength in his right bicep that was strained in his first start of the season.

A throwing program has not yet been planned out. And the timetable is not exact. However, the critical part is that Richards must make sure his bicep is strong enough so he doesn’t destroy his elbow permanently. Because that’s what would happen if he decided to come back now.

A bigger question is how long the Halos can wait for Richards to get healthy again for a full season of work? A lot of top pitching talent is waiting in the wings in the next few free agent markets. Sooner or later the Angels will have to make a choice.

For now, August is the target for Garrett Richards.