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Angels 2017 Preview at Effectively Wild Podcast

Effectively Wild Episode 1028: Season Preview Series: Angels and Diamondbacks https://t.co/S7k0fQQDL1 — FanGraphs Baseball (@fangraphs) March 7, 2017

Insider Podcasts: Effectively Wild 2016 Angels Preview

Welcome to the first post at Insider Podcasts. For starters, we are sharing (ICYMI) the Angels 2016 Season Preview on Effectively Wild from Baseball Prospect. .@EWPod #824 @baseballpro & iTunes: 2016 Season Preview Series: Los Angeles #Angels, w/@david_j_roth & @pedromoura. https://t.co/O2YgV42Q9a — Ben Lindbergh (@BenLindbergh) February 23, 2016