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Billy Eppler on the Baseball Tonight Podcast

@Angels GM Billy Eppler joins @Buster_ESPN to cover Trout's athleticism, Pujols' health and more! 🔊: https://t.co/o1vS8fj0TB [AP] pic.twitter.com/HsTtbkxfgy — ESPN Podcasts (@podcenter) March 7, 2017

Insider Podcasts: Buster Olney Discusses Weaver

For a few years, Angels starter Jered Weaver has seen his velocity fall from an average fastball of 89 miles per hour in 2011 to just 83 miles per hour in 2015. On Wednesday, the All-Star righty’s average fastball fell to a staggering 79 miles per hour. This led to All-Star righty allowing three homeruns in just two innings in… Read more »