The No-Hitter That Didn’t Count

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That, Angels fans, is the score sheet from the no-hitter the club threw against the Seattle Mariners on Friday, March 24, 2017 in front of 6,895 fans at Tempe Diablo Stadium. The temperature was 78 degrees. And this was a Spring Training game. So it didn’t count.

Still, a fluky thing happened that night. Something was in the water. The air was different. The Gatorade had extra sugar. The hot dogs were doused with more marinade. Whatever the case may be, it took eight pitchers to retire the M’s without surrendering a knock.


Bud Norris, Jose Alvarez, Andrew Bailey, Drew Gagnon, Cam Bedrosian, Abel De Los Santos, and Justin Anderson were the participants on the mound for the Halos. That’s a lot of arms.

And in case fans are wondering, this was not the only spring no-no that’s ever happened. It also wasn’t the first in Angels history.

The last time the Halos threw a preseason no-hitter was on March 16, 1996. In that contest, Shawn Boskie, Julio Valera, Todd Frohwirth, Ken Edenfield, and Mark Eichhorn combined to slam the door on any ball off the bats of the San Francisco Giants, en route to a 15-0 blowout in the process. That was almost twenty years ago by about one week.

There are other current and former Angels pitchers who have been apart of spring no-hitters. Ricky Nolasco started one for the Florida Marlins on March 22, 2009. Before that, Mark Langston began one on March 14, 1984 with the team he was on before coming to Anaheim: the Mariners.

And the latter was also at Tempe Diablo Stadium, making this the second spring no-no ever thrown at that ballpark, which Seattle occupied at the time.

Langston was also part of a combined no-hitter that did count in April 1991, when he and Mike Witt teamed up to dominate Mark’s former team, the Mariners, 1-0.

In 1995, another that didn’t count consisted of all replacement players. Another pitcher named Jose Alvarez started for the replacement Atlanta Braves against the replacement New York Mets. Atlanta won 5-0.

There was even a 1-0 nail biter where the Milwaukee Braves held down the Miami Hurricanes NCAA baseball team from reaching safely in 1964. Phil Niekro threw the final out.

Overall, there have been 26 no-hitters thrown in Spring Training dating back to 1939. Most likely there were more, but the research is pending on that one. FanGraphs is probably on that one. We will be happy to update this if and when that data becomes available.

Until the next Angels spring no-hitter!